English/Technical Communication

Senior Portfolio


Thank you for your time in visiting my portfolio site. I am a non-traditional student that has chosen to major in Technical Communication. I have been in technology for several decades, and I see a growing need for people that can both understand technology, and explain it to those that do not.

This was my idea when I started this path, however I have grown to understand that the technology savvy are required to understand and tailor the needs of the average user into the products that they create and support. It is this growth of understanding I wish to highlight.

An early project I created started me on this path. Please allow me to show it to you here:

Conversely, I have created an required essay, detailing my thoughts behind the creation of this portfolio site, and links to all the projects are included, and will open in new tabs. You may wish to use it as a reference point. View it here:

You may notice at the bottom of every page the ability to print the page, or create a PDF output of a page. This code was provided by printfriendly pdf, who make a great addon for your favorite web browser, that allows for easy printouts of websites, removal of unwanted images, etc in the printout, as well as a nice plugin for WordPress sites such as this one. I’m not affiliated with printfriendly, but I’m happy to endorse such useful products, especially ones that are useful, free to use, and rely on people like me for their marketing.

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