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Have these laws been effective in preventing gun violence in schools?
No, Places that have strict no carry rules have seen an increase in on campus crime.

Question: Are there schools or states that have actively promoted the carry of firearms, either concealed or openly carried, and if so, has this policy had an effect on violence in these schools?

Answer: Yes, there are states and individual campuses that have allowed for the carrying of firearms by citizens, and violence and crime have seen a decrease on them.

Question:Do these effects outweigh the preemption of rights enumerated in the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States?

Answer:  No considering that violent crime has increased, coupled with the fact that these laws do seem to be counter to the Constitution, there does not appear to be a logical or rational reason to keep these laws, when they do not accomplish the stated purpose of the law.

Question: How is this issue being treated on Missouri Western’s campus?

Answer: Meh… Crickets… As far as I can tell, there is neither interest in discussing this topic, nor in answering why the constitution is banned on campus.

Question: Can data from non-campus changes in firearm laws be extrapolated to inform on-campus potentialities?

Answer: Yes, Data from the community at large can indeed inform on-campus potentialities, when crime rates across the country are declining, but on campus violence is increasing, one must look at what makes these two areas different.

Question: Can changes in firearm laws affect more than just gun violence, but extend to and effect other major crimes, such as rape, assault or theft?

Answer: Yes, the decrease in overall violence on campuses that allow firearms to be carried legally shows a direct correlation.

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