Executive Summary

The purpose of this report is to convey the background knowledge, statistics, and options that school campuses have on gun violence in schools. We wish to give people information about the past and current amount of gun violence on campuses. We also wish to inform people of a possibly effective way of lessening crime, specifically violent crime, on our college campuses. We detail our methodology and our questions on the introductory page.

This report has background information about the statistics of schools shootings, including the average number of victims (deaths and injuries) for every decade (the number of victims for the decade divided by the number of shootings). This history goes back into the 1840’s and spans to the current year.

This report also includes information on current trends in school defense, including the use of carrying a gun on college campuses. We discovered information about the college campuses and their crime statistics based on the amount of crimes that have occurred on those college campuses that allow carry vs those that do not allow carry upon their premises. The data for this could be a source of further study, as only a few states have actually researched the crime on their campuses in the last year.

Finally, our report also has a bibliography with links to the sites and sources that we used for this report. We used multiple sources in the attempt to give our report scope. We also wish to acknowledge that there are multiple  ways to deal with this issue, but that we believe this to be an extremely valid option that we have solid evidence to discuss as to whether or not it is effective in lowering crime rates, and especially shootings, on campuses.

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