Methodology and Resources

Primary starting point:

In 1990 congress passed the Gun Free Zones Act (101st Congress Bill 2070) . This law was intended to curb a perceived increase of gun violence in schools, This law only served to prevent otherwise law abiding citizens from bringing firearms into school zones.

Questions that defined the scope of our research:

Has the act been effective in preventing gun violence, or has the act actually exacerbated the problem?

Are there schools that have actively promoted the carry of firearms, either concealed or openly carried, and if so, has this policy had an effect on violence in these schools?

Are there differences in the responses to violence on these two types of campus?

Are there differences in the amount of damage that bad actors have had on these differing campus?

These questions will be examined in detail, because lives are at stake, we must use the utmost rigor in our selection of data and sources.

Sources used:

All of our source material is linked, and we welcome any fact-checking that one wishes to do, again, lives are at stake. All sources as accessed August 2018. If the sources seem to differ greatly from what we have used, please use the Internet Archive to verify that we have not reported a source in error, and we respectfully request that we be notified, so we can check our research using the most up to date information available.