Why is the Constitution not allowed here?

You haven’t been told the real truth about campus shootings.

What is special about the red tinted area on this map?

Map of Missouri Western University
Missouri Western University

The area in red, is Missouri Western’s Campus, but not its parking lots. It is located in Saint Joseph, Missouri. It is one of many places located entirely within a state that is purported to have “Constitutional Carry”, however within this red blob, apparently The Constitution does not apply.

I believe that not only is this against the very Constitution, but also is a policy that is devoid of moral or ethical basis and devoid of rational thought.

I happily provide background information about the statistics of school shootings, including the average number of victims for every decade. This history goes back into the 1840’s and spans to the 2018.

I provide information on current trends in school defense, including the use of carrying a gun on college campuses. There is also information about some college campuses and their crime statistics based on the amount of crimes that have occurred on college campuses that follow the Constitution contrasted with those that do not.

Finally, I make it easy to check the sources used. I use multiple sources in the attempt to give proper scope. The findings provide solid evidence to discuss the problem of not allowing the Constitution to be valid on campus especially when doing so is not it is effective in lowering crime rates, even shootings, on campuses of higher education.

Number of shootings by Year

This chart was compiled using the data set of the number of shooting incidents reported on school campus, K-12, college and universities from 1850 until mid-2018, shown in red. In green is the population in millions taken from census data.

The number of shooting incidents shows a long, flat trend, until after the National Firearms Act and the Gun Free School Zone Act, which then show an exponential rise in shooting incidents, contrary to what passage of these bills promised.

Population growth shows a nearly linear expansion during this same time period. No correlation with population data could be found with the number of shooting incidents on school campus.

The number of shootings graphed by year, showing a huge uptick post 1994
Hockey Stick?

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