• KEØDOX is on the air!

    KEØDOX is on the air!

    Look for me to be on random HF frequencies, or monitoring the WØMB repeater in Gladstone, MO. 145.43-

  • The beard

    The beard

    It's not weird, it's just a beard!

  • Ham on the go

    Ham on the go

    My on the go kit, comprised of cheap gear from Harbor Freight, and lots of velcro!

Blacksmithing holder

Some stuff related to heating and beating metal. I have an old coal forge, with some new addons, including a bodged blower that runs on electricity, and not armstrong powered. Working on a power hammer. Pictures and more to follow... eventually.

MG Midget

Rebuilding a 1976 MG Midget. Clunky bumpers removed, engine rebuilt. Pictures and more to follow...


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